5 Things To Do in Okinawa. Check Out If You Don’t Want to Regret!

The image of Okinawa is a tropical island with Cleared Ocean and sunshine, it is one of most popular tourist spot for summer in Japan. Okinawa is not only place to go swimming in the ocean, there are many enjoyable tourist attractions in any season such as modern aqarium, historical buildings and scenic spots in nature. So let’s do the things to do in Okinawa, so that you wouldn’t regret after your Okinawa trip.

1. Churaumi Aquarium


It is one of the tourist attractions in Okinawa that has been becoming famous in these years. You can see maritime creatures closely in this aquarium, there is an exhibition re-created ocean of Okinawa, which is also one of the attractions. It is the first aquarium in the world that succeeded plural reared grand whale shark swimming and the most biggest kind of rays “Manta alfredi” parent and child swiming together, and which you can come to see them.

2. Shurijo Castle


Shurijo Castle was most biggest castle in Okinawa island in 1429-1879 as the most prosperous ryukyu kingdom’s castle. Now there is only a part of trace of the castle left, it is registered as World Heritage Site as the important material of the history at that time. Around the shurijo Castle area has maintenanced to be tourist attractions, you can visit the main hall and the garden. There are also historic site such as “Shurei-mon” (lite. Guadian Thank Gate) and a trace of “Enkakuji Temple” (lite. Circle Remember Temple) that you can visit. So if you have a chance, compare the diffrence between Okinawa style and Honshu (Main Land) style. To experience the history of Okinawa can be one of the things to do.

3. Niraikanai-bashi Bridge


Niraikanai means spiritual world that exists far place from the sea, under the sea and under the deep ground. It is said to be a source for lives and the begining of the year, God comes from Naraikanai and brings good harvest. So the Niraikanai-bashi Bridge is the bridge added to the Spiritual name, where is the best spot to see the beauty of the scenery in Okinawa. The view at the observatory on a tunnel give you association of God living in Niraikanai and prosperous islands over the blue ocean.

4. Minnajima Beach (lite. Water Store Island Beach)


Minnajima Island is a small island located 4km away from Okinawa main island. A beach at Minnajima Island is called “Minnajima Beach”, which is the big sopt to enjoy various marine spots. The quality of sands at the beach is as good as you don’t have to worry about getting hurt by walking bare foot on the beach. You can see many fishes in the offing and the water quality is cleared so it is featured as the snorkeling spot. As it is a small island, you can enjoy strolling too, and it is the island for the summer resort in Japan.

5. Manzamou (lite. Ten-thousand sitting hair)


Manzamou is one of the spot in the island to enjoy the beauty of the scenery. The name “Manzamou” is originated by the king of the ryukyu kingdom praised this prairie has the widely enough area for ten-thousand people to sit on. And it is one of the most famous landscape in Okinawa, and there is a popular spot on a cliff where you can see a cliff looks like elephant. Around the area, there are no buildings made artificial so you can get the atomosphere of the nature. By the way, to visit the spot on a cliff you can park your car at parking area near by and there is esplanade to the cliff maintenanced, so if you have a chance, you can visit.

Okinawa is the area that has special history and culture in Japan. At the Shurijo Castle, you can see a history and culture of the time when the island wasn’t belonged to Japan. And at spot of Manzamou and Niraikanai-bashi Bridge, you can see the beauty of the scenery, which is surrounded by mercy of the nature. Okinawa is a special land mixed of modern tourist attractions such as Churaumi Aquarium, Minnajima Beach and historical buildings. To experience the different culture, it is “things to do” things to understand about Okinawa more deeply.

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