Hakone Free Pass To Make Your Hakone Hot Spring Tour More Fun!!

Hakone Town is located in Kanagawa Prefecture. It is one of Japanese popular attractions where you can enjoy Hot Spring (Onsen), Hiking mountain, Art and Museum. The most popular part in Hakone is Hot Spring and the history has begun since Nara era. There is a famous Hot Spring area called “Hakone Shichisen (The Seven Hot Spring spots in Hakone)” including “Hakone Yumoto”, “Tounosawa” and “Sokokura”. Even now, Hakone has various attractions, it became popular as the Hot Spring town from a long time ago. So when you visit Hakone, we recommend you to stop by at one of the Hot Spring spot to rest your body after sight-seeing in Nature and modern attractions. And to use special service in Hakone makes your tour more fun.

1. Special deal “Hakone Free Pass”


Hakone Free Pass is one day ticket to ride buses and trains in Hakone Area where is Japan’s one of the famous attractions located. You can ride on various transportation in Hakone, but it costs time and money if you buy tickets everytime you ride. So if you buy Hakone Free Pass, you can take any trains, buses, cable car, rope way to mountains and even high way buses. It’s not only to save your transportaion fees down, if you show the Pass at Hot Spring spots and attractions, you will get discounted. So you shoud buy one when you visit Hakone.

2. Special deal with Hakone Free Pass

As Hakone is one of Japan’s famous attractions located where many tourist come from all over the world, so anywhere you go, it always gets clouded with people. Here is the advice to make your Hakone tour more fun. That is, you take opposite route of the Hakone tours usually recommend, many tour group start from Hakone Yumoto to Hakone Town is the major route, so to start from Hakone Town which is the opposite route, you can avoid the clouds and can spend your time with your own pace. And with your Hakone Free Pass, you can have more choices to make a plan to visit, so we recommend you to go the opposite route.

3. Carry service is convinient if you go around Hakone

On Attraction Tour, you will have to carry a big bag with you. But Hakone Tour Bus Company has started a service to carry your bags for you. The service is that they take your bags at the staion and bring them to your stay for you. You can leave your bag to the tour bus company at Hakone Yumoto Station counter where is the Hakone Tour’s departure point. After touring, when you get to hotel, you can get your bag back. So you can enjoy going around the Hakone Tour with your hand free. Plus, if you have Hakone Day Pass thicket, you can get discounted too.

Hakone is rare tourist spot in Japan where various attractions mixed up such as Mountain, Waterwall, Art Museum, Aquarium, Modern Museum, Historical building like Shrines and Temples and many Hot Spring Spots. Many tourist visit Hakone in every season, and number of the tourists from abroad has been increasing. To make your Hakone trip more fun, to buy Hakone Free Pass to take bus, carble car, rope way and more transportation unlimited. Also use the carry service and take the oppsite route to avoid the clouds are important. If you use these techniques, you can go around Hakone smoothly even the Hakone area gets clouded.

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