[ski Japan]Enjoy Rustle Powder Snow in International Niseko!

Niseko is known by where powder snow snows and is one of the most famous area to enjoy winter sports in Japan. As powder snow is the best condition to ski and snow board, there are many foreigners come to Niseko as tourists. And some of them stay more than a month and some of them decide to live there, so that is how Niseko has become a popular town in Japan. There is more attraction spots in Niseko that even more makes foreign tourists want to live here.

1. People from all over the world got attracted by the attraction of the powder snow


The purpose of the most foreign tourists is to enjoy the winter sports such as ski and snow board. Niseko is famously known as the place in the world where powder snow snows, for the reason many winter spots lovers gather in the town. At common ski run, snow contains more water and covered on courses, which makes unslidable. But powder snow in Niseko has less water and that is very rare in the world, which makes you feel you are floating on snow when you ski and snow boading.

2. Beginers seniors get satisfied! Various courses in “Niseko Annupuri”


With powder snow, Niseko is the best spot to experience the best ski and there is three ski runs on a mountain called “Niseko Annupuri”. Beginner course has a gentel slope, senior course has bumpy road, course to slide into natural scenic area and course placed kicker and rail for free style, so that all the people can get satisfied at Niseko Annupuri. And there is common lift ticket that you can use at any of three ski run to enjoy various couses.

3. Summer activity is also fullfilling such as Rafting, Kayak and Trekking


Niseko is not only the place for the winter spots such as skii and snow board. In seasons when it doesn’t snow, there is other enjoyable activities such as Rafting, Kayak and Trekking. Most recommended activity is Rafting, to chage the Shibetu River basin for each season’s best situation, it can be enjoyable activity in nature for any season for any beginner to senior. In summer time,  the river flow gets gentle so you can enjoy rafting with an expansive mood. In spring time, the quantity of water increases by meltwater so it becomes more adventurous.

4. The English menus are available basically in any restaurants and bars


As Niseko is known as the famous spot for sports activity in any season, it has become one of those in Japan where a lot of foreign tourists comes. There of many restaurants and bar prepare English menus for them. There are not only bars serve cocktail and restaurants with English Grill menu, but Japanese sushi restaurants and Izakaya(Japanese-style baran izakaya) also have English menus too. At some of the restaurants, those foreigners work who decided to live there. Therefore for foreign tourists it gets more easier to communiate.

5. A long stay in secure with Niseko Supermarket & Delivery


In Niseko, many foreign tourist stay in a long term in snowing winter season. Therefore, they need to buy daily necessaries, and to go eat at restaurant everday will cost a lot of fee. So there is Supermarket and Delivery targeted of foreign tourists in Niseko, the selection of the products are the same as supermarket oversea and the service provides in English. With these facilities exist, many foreign tourists can spend time in Japan conveniently.

Niseko has become the biggest spot in the world where many skiers and snow boarders gather for the powder snow. Powder snow is so attractive that people migrate to Japan. And you can also enjoy Kayak and Trekking activities, so not only in winter but in summer, you can enjoy the Niseko nature sufficiently. Local people in Niseko have welcomed foreign tourists, and Niseko has been developing internationaly as restaurants and supermarkets serves in English.

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